Applying to EtonHouse Malaysia is a process in several steps. The initial steps have to be completed before your child’s name can be entered on our list of applicants.

Applications may be submitted at any time, and new students may join the school during the school year if placement is available in the appropriate grade level. If there is no placement available during the school year, application will be transferred to waitlist status.
Acceptance of applicants for Primary Years is based on documentation from the applicant’s current and previous school(s). An applicant will be required to complete a Placement Assessment, and final acceptance will be dependent upon the satisfactory completion of this assessment.
Kindergarten and Primary applicants must be able to use the toilet independently before starting school.

Step 1 – Online Application
EHM offers an online application system, which is required to use for all applications.

Step 2 – Application and Registration Fee
Once an application has been submitted, an invoice of the Application Fee and Registration Fee will be issued to the applicant. The Application Fee is non-refundable, and applies to all applicants completing the Application Form.
An Interview and Placement Assessment will only be scheduled when the Application Fee has been remitted and all relevant documents have been received and reviewed by the Parent Liaison Team.

Step 3 – Interview and Placement Assessment
The applicant comes in for an Interview and Placement Assessment. The purpose of this is to ensure that the EHM program is appropriate to the abilities and needs of the applicant. Evidence of any Special Educational Needs, whether these are learning difficulties or gifted programs, must be disclosed at this stage.
EHM reserves the right to close/reject an application at any stage in the process, including after initial acceptance, should a family fail to disclose relevant or requested information, or if it is discovered that EHM is unable to meet the educational, social, emotional or physical needs of an individual child.

In cases where applicants demonstrate a lower level of English proficiency, the student will be invited for further assessment with our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department. The class placement of each student is based on numerous factors.
The decision regarding which class and with which teacher a student gets placed is solely made by the school, and exceptions based on personal and/or parental preference will not be made.

Step 4 – Acceptance and Enrollment
If the Interview and Placement Assessment is successful, an acceptance email will be sent to parents and sponsors (if applicable). In order to secure placement, the Enrollment and Deposit Fee must be paid on acceptance, and full payment of all remaining fees is required before a child commences its first day at EHM.

Step 5 – Start of School Preparations
Parents are recommended to familiarize themselves with the EHM ethos, curriculum, policies and procedures, if not done so already. Before starting school, new students will also have to ensure that they have acquired the EtonHouse Malaysia school uniform.
Feel free to contact the Parent Liaison Team at +603 2141 3301/02 or to clarify any questions regarding the process.
We look forward to welcoming you to our growing family.