Early Years Enrollment & Physical School Visits

Dear EHMC,

In view of the current ongoing uncertainty of the Covid pandemic climate and to better suit the needs of our children and parents, we are bringing back the Early Years shared placement arrangement for next Semester plus allowing the children and parents the flexibility to try out schooling for the first time, and ease the transition to Primary Years. We are pleased to share with you that you have several options that are now available to the Early Years: Nursery 2 and Kindergarten families. 

Tuition fees

Enrollment Options

Full Day Enrollment*

Half Day Enrollment *

Shared/Partial Enrollment*

3 Full Days 

2 Full Days 


Mon - Fri

9 am to 2:30pm

Mon - Fri 

9 am to 11:45 am

Mon, Tue, Wed

9 am to 2:30pm

Thu, Fri

9 am to 2:30pm

Nursery 2

RM 16,900

RM 8,450

RM 10,140

RM 6,760


RM 17,112

RM 8,556

RM 10,267

RM 6,845

*Terms and conditions apply:

  1. Full day enrollment will receive a Report Card, e-Portfolio, join the Parent-Teacher Conference, all e-newsletters from Homeroom Teacher and Head of School.
  2. Half day enrollment will receive a Developmental Summary, all e-newsletters from Homeroom Teacher and Head of School.
  3. Shared/Partial enrollment will do regular check-ins with teachers and all e-newsletters from Homeroom Teacher and Head of School.
  4. Other terms and conditions remain the same as stated in 2021/2022 fees structure.
  5. Miscellaneous fees still apply.
  6. As an addition to our November promotion** in celebration of our EHM’s 11th Anniversary, all families who have older children already enrolled at EHM will be allowed to share the deposit (one deposit is limited to sharing 2 children’s placement).

** Only available during promotion period and it ends on 30 November 2021

Physical School Visits will be permitted starting Monday, 22 Nov 2021 between 9:30am to 4:30pm.

  1. Strictly only by appointment basis for all our current and prospective EHM families to enter our school premises.
  2. The visits are allowed outside the classrooms and outdoor areas. Strictly no entering the classrooms when the lessons are taking place. 
  3. Guidelines - Physical School Visits :
    1. Once an appointment has been made, PLT will share the visitor declaration form which needs to be filled out and submitted before entering the school premises. Please indicate the duration of your visit in the form.
    2. Short visits of less than Two hours do not require Covid-19 test but longer visits will require parents/visitors to do so. Parents/Visitors can purchase the test kit from the school at RM15 per test kit (Prospective parents will get a rebate if they follow through with the enrollment at EHM) OR buy their own from a pharmacy or convenient store and bring it to school to conduct the self test at the gate before entering the campus. 
    3. Register at the guard house before entering the school compound.
    4. Adhering strictly to SOPs set by MOH which includes social distancing, wearing face masks and sanitizing/washing your hands regularly throughout the visiting period.

Please reach out to PLT or any of the SMT members for further clarification or any questions that you may have in relation to the above arrangement and curriculum for the Early Years.