EHM 11th Anniversary

Dear EHMC,

In continuation of our EHM 11th Anniversary celebration during the month of November, we invite everyone in the community to share their unique and memorable experiences that you have had at EHM over the past 11 years.

How to Participate

Post your experience/review on EHM social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google review or submit your drawing/essay to us directly*.

*email or pass it to EHM staff or leave at the guard house. Please ensure that it is clearly labelled with your contact, name of child/adult and class/year (if you were once a student of EHM) or worked at EHM. More details will ensure that your story and artwork will be properly acknowledged when it is being posted.

Who can Participate

We welcome all students, parents, staff, suppliers, contractors, visitors and prospective parents of EHMC to share their fondest memories and experiences they have had over the past 11 years since inception.

Token of Appreciation 

As a token of appreciation from the school in celebration of this special occasion for EHM, we are rewarding 11 submissions* in both categories for taking the time to share your memorable experiences with a RM100 rebate voucher/cash

*All submissions and entries that have not been selected will be given an EHM umbrella or 10th Anniversary limited edition backpack as a gesture of our appreciation of the effort you took to share your experiences and/or essay/drawing. On ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis - limited to 50 umbrellas (Value: RM80 each) and 50 backpacks (Value: RM100 each).

11 Tokens of Appreciation are available in EACH of the following categories

Share your experiences in a drawing or essay format (minimum of 50 words+) 
  • Drawing**
  • Essay 

*All can technically submit but this category is more geared towards children and alumni

** Drawings need to include at least one sentence describing your experience. 

B. For ADULTS (Parents, Staff, Contractors, Suppliers & Prospective Parents)
Share your experiences on social media / google review (minimum 50 words)
    • Google Review
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
- We are pleased to announce we are launching our Instagram Account today.

You may post the same post on various platforms but each entry will be counted as ONE. However, if you wish to submit different entries on the various platforms - each entry will be counted.  Only a maximum of 3 entries per family will be selected.

This is applicable to reviews and submissions over the next 11 DAYS from 19 - 30 November 2021 only (any entries and or submissions received or posted after the last day of this month will no longer be considered for this EHM’s gesture of gratitude).  You will be receiving the voucher via email within the period of 1-7 December 2021 to be utilised by 31 December 2021. The token of appreciation voucher(s) can be used to offset school fees, set menu meal plans and ASA fees, uniform and school merchandise or be redeemed as cash.

Please REVIEW the GUIDELINES and or reach out to PLT for further clarification before joining in the celebration of sharing your experiences.