EHM Sport Day 2022

Sports help to retain a healthy mind in a healthy body. They are extremely important for health. Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, EtonHouse held its annual sports day in a splendid way this year. Students and teachers were all excited about the event and had a lot of fun. Several competitive and noncompetitive events took place, such as the 30 metre dash run, long jump, throwing and fun games for the lower primary group. Parents and family members tuned in to watch the events online and support their children which provided a great sense of community spirit. Everyone went home happy and in high spirits.

This year we introduced the house system and students voted for our new school mascot; the EHM Dragon. Students wore their ‘house of dragon colours’ and competed to win points for their house and earn the house trophy. This year’s winner was the Blue Dragons. Our head of School, Mr Rune, Assistant Head of School, Ms Kai Ween, PE coordinator, Mr Nic and our PE teacher Mr Steven presented the medals to all the winners and certificate of participation to everyone on Monday, 4 April 2022.

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