Dear EHMC,

Based on feedback, suggestions and demand, EHMCC, teaching faculty and the senior management have decided to bring back the Holiday Programme to school premises, no more virtual holiday programme. Please refer to the poster and more information about the programme in this HP LINK.

The programme content, fees etc stay the same with the exception of removing Friday from the programme. We calculate an extremely low risk of transmission during the holiday programme due to our strong SOP, and that extra day serves as a grace period of 5 days before coming back to regular school on Monday. 

Levels will be allowed to mix across the class bubbles for the holiday programme because we have zero meals and seeing removal of masks is the greatest chance of exposure, this calculated risk is seen as extremely minimal. We would also open up for friends and family members to join in the holiday programme. We very much welcome you to spread the word.

We look forward to reintroducing our fun and interactive holiday programmes in school for the first time since the pandemic started. We hope you take this opportunity to sign up your kids. Please sign up soonest to enjoy our early bird discount before 11 March 2022, and note that siblings enjoy a 50% discount.