IB PYP Evaluation Visit 17-19 March 2021



EHM is pleased to announce that our IB PYP Evaluation was completed on 19 March 2021. We would like to thank the entire community for your contributions of making this a successful visit. 

The IB PYP Evaluation Visit took place over three days, 17-19 March. Students, parents, teachers, staff and leadership were all involved in meeting up with the evaluators over the three days visit. It was wonderful to see and hear that so many enjoyed the participation. 

The IB PYP is an ongoing journey of lifelong learning through reflection and ACTION and we are pleased to report that we strive to implement the standards and practices set by the IB and have gotten constructive and positive feedback as a whole community. We now await for the official report that will be released by the IB to inform us of our strengths and areas of improvements in the next 5 years. 

To all who participated in the visit, we thank you for your time and contributions. We hope that you enjoyed this experience as much as we did!