Reggio Emilia inspired


Students in Nursery level at EHM follow an inquiry-based program, adapting the educational approach of Reggio Children in Reggio Emilia. The educational emphasis is on the natural development of a child, and the close relationships the child holds with the environment. Children have rights and are full of potential, and as such take an active role as a creator of knowledge. Most of the learning taking place is project-based, and teachers are active co-learners in this process.


The Reggio Emilia philosophy naturally merges into the next part of our educational program, continuing building on a holistic and inquiry-based approach to learning. Nursery level also embodies aspects of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) with their approaches to learning, planning, and designing developmentally appropriate activities to support student success.


EtonHouse schools regard the child as the first and singularly most important consideration. Our 'Image of Child' informs not only our philosophy, curriculum, and environment design but also our training and recruitment.


In our schools, we view children as competent thinkers and communicators. They are:

  • Curious
  • Communicative
  • Capable
  • Confident
  • Respected

EtonHouse Malaysia uses international curriculum standards to ensure that children are learning at an appropriate level throughout their time at our school. Each year level is working towards specific educational objectives, as developed by international educational experts. Children follow a carefully-developed pathway from the very beginning stages of learning, through EHM's highest year levels, and beyond further education.


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Curriculum standards in the Early Years are organised by both overall development and subject area.


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