Sports Week: 22-27 March 2021

EHM hosted its first Sports Week event from the 22nd-27th March 2021! Children of all years took part in six different sporting challenges! They had the agency to make it competitive for themselves whether it was to challenge themselves or someone else. 

Friends faced off against one another and even asked the teachers for a competitive challenge! The fun was not limited to just school, we had an audience! Also, for the first time, EHM streamed the events LIVE to our distance learners and the parents! Children from home joined in and the parents followed the action. At EHM we are prepared to tackle the challenges of the global pandemic to bring safe and enjoyable physical activities through our sports event, Sports Week.

EHM would like to thank all those who were a part of the sporting festivities and we hope we can host a physical event in the future!

Sport Week Gallery Photo: LINK