Universal Children’s Day 2019

Dear Parents,
You are warmly invited to join all the EHM students and families for Sports Day on Saturday April 27th. Kindly RSVP before 19th April by filling in this form.

Please remember that vouchers and raffle tickets are on sale at the front desk. We will also be setting up booths for the next week or so, to sell these outside during drop off and pick up.

In addition to the opportunity to win nice prizes, the raffle tickets also function as vouchers to buy food and drinks on the day. The funds that we raise from this event will be donated to a non-for-profit charity organisation that EHM had been supporting for the past years.

You may also pre book your lunch for the day, which is Chef’s special chicken rice with fresh fruit juice combo! Promotion price for this combo will be RM10 if you pre order before the event,and will be on sale for RM15 on the event day. We suggest you to pre order by purchasing the lunch voucher from the voucher booth today onwards.

There will be many vendors coming in setting up their booths as well. More information on the Sports Day will be sent to you shortly.

Thank you and have a lovely week!